DMITRIY RUDOVSKIY - co-incorporator of Art Pictures Studio, renowned Russian film and TV producer

Co-incorporator of Art Pictures Studio, renowned Russian film and TV producer. In 2004-2012 was CEO of Art Pictures Studio. In 2009, Dmitriy founded Art Pictures Media, to distribute movies produced by APS and independent Western studios, along with managing the distribution of APS content online. Dmitriy Rudovskiy has produced many of the of Art Pictures Studio projects: The 9th Company, The Heat, The Inhabited Island, Soulless, Stalingrad and etc. (see Filmography).

Dmitriy Rudovskiy’s projects have received numerous accolades: in 2006 Elka animated film received the Grand Prix of the All-Russian Visual Arts Festival “for creating a new character in Russian children’s animation” and the Best Character of a Children’s Animated Movie Award at the International Children Animation Film Festival. Phobos. Horror Club took the prize for the best Russian horror movie at the First Annual Russian Horror Awards (2011). Two Days received an award at the ‘Window to Europe’ Film Festival 2011 (the Golden Ladya prize).

Over his career, Dmitriy Rudovskiy has had many years of experience in the mass media and on television as an editor, journalist, TV director, and producer at Moskovia television channel.

Dmitriy was born December 4th, 1962 in Moscow. He graduated from Maurice Thorez Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages and the Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Film Directors (Andrey Torstensen and Oleg Korvaykov’s Workshop).



«The 9th company» (2005) 

«THE HEAT» (2006) 

«Elka» (2007)

«The Inhabited Island» (2008) 

«The Inhabited Island. Skirmish» (2009)

«Phobos. Horror Club » (2010)

«Two days» (2011)

«Soulless» (2012)

«Stalingrad» (2013)

« one click away from luck» (2013) 

«Calculator» (2014)

«Yes and Yes» (2014)

«Battalion» (2014)

«Soulless 2» (2015)

«The Bartender» (2015)

«Savva. Heart of the Warrior» (2015)

«Warrior» (2015)

«Hunting the groom» (2015)

«Kikoriki: Legend of the Golden Dragon» (2015)

«Good boy» (2016)

«Queen of Spades» (2016)

«Attraction» (2017) 

«Love with challenges» (2017)

«Myths» (2017)

«Selfie» (2018)

«ICE» (2018)

«Anyone but them» (2018)

«Attraction 2» (2019) 

«Lord of the Wind» 



«Dog's work» (2012)

«One! Two! I love you!» (2012)

«Students» (2014)

«Millions in the web» (2015)

«Fugutive relatives» (2016)

«The day after» (2013-2016)

«Junior league 1-6» (2013-2018)