Founder and co-incorporator of Art Pictures Studio, chairman of the Lenfilm Studio board of directors. Creator of the two most successful Russian military dramas: The 9th Company (2005) about the Soviet–Afghan War topped $25 million in the box office and gathered various awards from the national movie academies, Stalingrad (2013) not only was the highest grossing film in Russia’s history scoring more than $67 million in the global box office, but also was the first Russian project produced for IMAX theatres. The last his sci-fi project, Attraction (2017), was amongst the top ten most highest grossing Russian films.

Art Pictures Studio is a major Russian film-making company that operates both in the domestic and international markets. Art Pictures Studio's productions include: Fedor Bondarchuk's Stalingrad, an unrivaled box office success in Russia; Roman Prygunov's Soulless; Dunya Smirnova's Two Days; Rezo Gigineishvili's The Heat; The 9th Company, which was Fyodor Bondarchuk's debut as a director; and many more.

Also, in 2016 Fedor Bondarchuk acted as the producer of several successful projects: family comedy “Good boy” by director Oksana Karas, received Grand Prix at the Kinotavr film festival; and psychological drama “Queen of Spades”, directed by one of the most unordinary Russian directors Pavel Lungin. The film won awards at the “Golden Eagle-2017” festival and the audience award at the international festival “Black Nights” in Tallinn.

Sci-fi movie “Attraction” directed by Fedor Bondarchuk was released 26th January, 2017 in Russia and became the first Russian film about the invasion of aliens in the modern history. “Attraction” reached a large mainstream audience – over 4 million viewers, box office amounted more 1 billion rubles. In the nearest future, blockbuster is going to be released in 74 countries.

As an actor, Fedor Bondarchuk has starred in more than 60 movies of different genre, and he is also a prominent TV show host. His work has been honored by such awards as TEFI, Nika, the Golden Eagle and other national awards.

Chairman of the board of trustees of the Kinotavr Film Festival, member of the Nika Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences, member of the Golden Eagle National Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences.

Born on the 9th of May 1967 in Moscow to director Sergey Bondarchuk and actress Irina Skobtseva. In 1992, Fedor graduated from film direction department of the VGIK film school (Yury Ozerov’s Workshop).


Golden Eagle Film Award, 2016, "Best Actor" (the film Ghost)

Golden Eagle Film Award, 2012 - "Best Leading Actor" (for Two Days)

"Golden Orange", 2010 – Special prize for the contribution to the world cinema at the 47th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival (Turkey), October 2010Festival "Vivat, Cinema of Russia!", 2006 - Grand Prix of the festival (for The 9th Company, director Fyodor Bondarchuk)
Nika Film Award, 2005 - "Best Feature Film" (for The 9th Company, director Fyodor Bondarchuk)
Golden Eagle Film award, 2011- "Best Actor" (for Two Days, director Avdotya Smirnova)

Golden Eagle Film Award, 2005 - "Best Feature Film" (for The 9th Company, director Fyodor Bondarchuk)
TEFI, 2003 - The winner of TEFI-2003 award in the category "Best TV host of entertainment TV show” (Kreslo, STS)
Constellation, 2002 - The winner of professional film actors Constellation Award 2002 in the category of Best Supporting Actor in the film Kino Pro Kino




“The 9th company” (2005)

“The inhabited island” (2008)

“The inhabited island. Skirmish” (2009)

“Stalingrad” (2013)

“Attraction” (2017)

“Attraction 2” (2019)


“Stalingrad” (1989)

“Arbitrator” (1992)

“The devils” (1992)

«Angels of death” (1993)

“Shooting angels” (1993)

"Midlife crisis" (1997)

"Stop" (1998)

"$8.5" (1999)

"Showcase" (2000)

“Down House” (2001)

“Kino pro kino” (2001)


"The state Counsellor" (2005)

"Cottage for sale" (2005)

“The 9th company” (2005)

"Heat" (2006)

"7 cabins" (2007)

"I'm staying" (2007)

"1814" (2007)

"Kilometer zero" (2007)

"The artist" (2007)

"A Vice" (2007)

"Admiral" (2008)

The inhabited island (2008)

"The best movie 2" (2009)

"The inhabited island. Skirmish" (2009)

"Moscow, I love you" (2010)

"About love" (2010)

"Pirammmida" (2011)

"Exchange wedding" (2011)

"Two days (2011)"

"Indifference" (2011)

"The white guard" (2011)

"Spy" (2012)

"After school" (2012)

"Molodezhka" (2013)

"Odnoklassniki.ru: one click away from luck" (2013)

"Wonderworker" (2014)

"The gift" (2014)

"Ghost" (2015)

"Warrior" (2015)

"Savva.A warrior's heart" (2015)

"The Investigator Tikhonov" (2015)

"Father Frost: the wizard battle" (2016)

"Sleeping" (2016)

“Demons of revolution» (2017)

"Ice" (2018)


“In motion” (2002), director P.Yankovskyi

“Kamikadze’s diary” (2003), director D.Meskhiev

“The 9th company”, director F.Bondarchuk

“The Heat” (2006), director R.Gigineishvili

“The inhabited island” (2008), director F.Bondarchuk

“The inhabited island. Skirmish” (2009), director F.Bondarchuk

“Phobos.Horror Club” (2010), director O.Asadulin

“Two days” (2011), director A.Smirnova

“Soulless” (2011), director R.Prugunov

“Odnoclassniki.ru: one click away from luck” (2013), director P.Hudyakov

“Yes and yes” (2014), director V.Germanika

“Calculator” (2014), director D.Grachev

“Soulless - 2” (2015), director R.Prugunov

“The Bartender” (2015), director D.Shturmanova

"Savva.A warrior's heart" (2015), director M.Fadeev

“Warrior” (2015), director A.Andrianov

“Hunting the groom” (2015), director S.Chekalov

“Kikoriki: Legend of the Golden Dragon” (2015), director D.Chernov

“Good boy” (2016), director O.Karas

“Queen of Spades” (2016), director P.Lungin

“Attraction” (2017), director F.Bondarchuk

“Love with limitations” (2017), director D.Turin

“Myths about Moscow” (2017), director A.Molochnikov

“Buy me” (2018), director V.Perelman

“Selfie” (2018), director N.Khomeriki

“Ice” (2018), director O.Trofim

“Anyone but them” (2018), director A.Boykov