Fedor Bondarchuk will make a new sci-fi movie about amphibious girl

 The movie's set in Saint-Petersburg in early XX century. Audience will see completely unexpected new reading of popular lovestory:  female Amphibian character, underwater shooting, unprecedented CGI from Main Road Post studio ("Attraction", "Stalingrad"). 

St.Petersburg, the year 1900. There is a shadow war going between overland and underwater worlds: at night Sea Devil attacks ships in the Gulf of Finland, by the way inventor and artificer Maxim Naydenov goes hunting of semi-mythical monster. Maxim met with mysterious Gala from the coast; but he doesn't know the truth about sweetheart girl, who would be stuck on the wrong side of this war... 

Filming start is planned on autumn 2019, will be released in cinemas in 2020.