Anyone but them

  • 90 min.
  • 2018
  • Central Partnership

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    When the world is in danger, superheroes usually come to the rescue. Everyone knows that they are braver, smarter and stronger than us. But what if the universe decides to have fun, and the mission to save humanity falls on the weak shoulders of twenty-year-old partiers and nihilists? Mathematician, Major, Rocker, Bitch, Psycho, Blonde and Unlucky wake up after a tumultuous party with the intriguing theme “The End of the World” and discover an empty, half-ruined city. Their hunting season is open, and on the horizon the apocalypse looms. Anyone could stop it ... Anyone but them!


  • Director
    Alexander Boykov
  • Script-writer
    Alexander Boykov
  • Cameraman
    Alexey Kupriyanov
  • Producers
    Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitriy Rudovskiy, Maxim Rybakov
  • Art director
    Olga Sokolova


  • Polina Maximova
    Polina Maximova ...Blonde
  • Daria Khramtsova
    Daria Khramtsova ...Brutal girl
  • Yulia Khlynina
    Yulia Khlynina ...Bitch
  • Danil Steklov
    Danil Steklov ...Major
  • Denis Buzin
    Denis Buzin ...Psycho
  • Evgenia Turkova
    Evgenia Turkova ...Unlucky
  • Sergei Yakimovich
    Sergei Yakimovich ...Mathematician
  • Sergei Dubrov
    Sergei Dubrov ...Rocker

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  • Poster 5: Nut (Eng) Poster 5: Nut (Eng)
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