• 132 min.
  • 2017

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General information

  • Year
  • Country
  • Genre
  • Film rating
  • Box office in Russia
    $18 620 874
  • Tagline
    "GO HOME!"
  • Синопсис
    «…According to the report that has just come in, the unidentified flying object shot down over Moscow is allegedly of extraterrestrial origin. The major part of Chertanovo area is cordoned off and police and military defense are coming to the crash site. The officials are discussing a possible emergency evacuation of the locals. Our source in Ministry of defense says a special committee is now trying to establish contact with the visitors. We are now preparing a special news report so stay tuned to be the first to learn more soon”


  • Director
    Fedor Bondarchuk
  • Script
    Andrew Zolotarev, Oleg Malovichko
  • Cameraman
    Michail Khasaya
  • Producers
    Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitriy Rudovskyi, Michael Vrubel, Alexander Andruschenko, Anton Zlatopolskiy
  • Composer
    Ivan Burlyaev
  • Art director
    Janna Pakhomova
  • Editor
    Alexander Anduschenko


  • Irina Starshenbaum
    Irina Starshenbaum ...Yulia Lebedeva
  • Alexander Petrov
    Alexander Petrov ...Artem
  • Rinal Mukhametov
    Rinal Mukhametov ...Hakon
  • Oleg Menshikov
    Oleg Menshikov ...colonel Lebedev
  • Ludmila Maksakova
    Ludmila Maksakova ...Luba
  • Evgeny Sangadzhiev
    Evgeny Sangadzhiev ...Piton
  • Nikita Kukushkin
    Nikita Kukushkin ...Rus
  • Eugeny Mikheyev
    Eugeny Mikheyev ...Google
  • Daria Rudenok
    Daria Rudenok ...Sveta

Movie facts

  • Attraction is the first Russian film about an extraterrestrial invasion.
  • Fedor Bondarchuk initially planned to only produce Attraction, but after he read the draft of the screenplay he just couldn’t stop thinking about it.
  • A confidentiality agreement was signed with every single member of the film crew before the shooting began. For the first time in Russian filmmaking history, mobile phones were not allowed on the set, and their cameras were sealed with special non-transparent stickers.
  • During one of the shots Alexander Petrov broke through a glass door with his leg and suffered a seri-ous ligament rupture. He had to use a pair of crutches for a few months, but it almost didn’t affect the filming schedule, Petrov was willing to do all his scenes himself (sometimes, standing on one foot), without a stunt man.

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