The Bartender

  • 100 min.
  • 2015
  • Central Partnership

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  • Synopsis
    The film's main character, Vadik, is an office worker, a small cog in the wheel without a future. Desperate to brighten up his pathetic existence, he wanders into an empty bar, where a mysterious Barman offers him a cocktail. As Vadik drains the wondrous liquid, the world around him changes drastically: now everyone seems to find him attractive and intriguing. The magic cocktails help him win over a beautiful woman – a feat that until now, he could not even dare dream of. But Vadik is yet to find out if he can really change his fate with help of magic cocktails alone.


  • Director
    Dina Shturmanova
  • Script
    Denis Kaymakov
  • Cameraman
    Oleg Topoev
  • Producers
    Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitriy Rudovskiy, Timur Weinstein
  • Composer
    Pavel Esenin, Sergei Kashirin
  • Art director
    Victoria Pervukhina, Maxim Alipchenko, Tatyana Borisova


  • Vitality Gogunskyi
    Vitality Gogunskyi ...Vadik
  • Ivan Okhlobystin
    Ivan Okhlobystin ...barman
  • Yulia Parshuta
    Yulia Parshuta ...Yulia
  • Constantine Krukov
    Constantine Krukov ...Artur

Movie facts

  • Celebrities of TNT channel - Olga Buzova, Timur Bartrutdivov took part in the film.

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