• 95 min.
  • 2006
  • FOX Gemini

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  • Film rating
  • Box office in Russia
    $15 710 000
  • Synopsis
    Moscow, a sweltering day in the summer of 2006. Four old friends, who used to be inseparable at school, meet again in a cafe after not seeing each other for a long time. It has been three years, and each of them has followed his own path. Aleksey has just come back from the navy. Artur, a theater student, is spending the summer camping on the doorstep of one film studio after another, in a futile search for work. Timati is now into showbiz, and is successful rapper. And Kostya, who was born into money, spent three years studying in London, but eventually dropped out and decided to return home. This crazy hot summer day will change the four friends' fate for good. Over the next 24 hours, each of them will find what they needed the most. Aleksey will run into a young dancer named Nastya, and realize that she is his one true love. Artur will be swept off his feet by a job offer of his dreams. Timati will cross paths with a skinhead gang, miraculously sipping out of a rather sticky predicament while managing to make it in time for his own concert. Finally, Kostya, will get into a mess, but eventually is reunited with his loving father and true friends…


  • Director
    Oleg Trofim
  • Script
    Andrew Zolotarev, Oleg Malovichko
  • Cameraman
    Maxim Osadchiy
  • Producers
    Alexander Rodnyanskiy, Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitriy Rudovskiy


  • Alexey Chadov
    Alexey Chadov ...Alexey
  • Agnia Dytkovskyte
    Agnia Dytkovskyte ...Nastya
  • Artur Smolyaninov
    Artur Smolyaninov ...Artur
  • Konstantin Krukov
    Konstantin Krukov ...Kostya
  • Timati
    Timati ...Timati
  • Alexander Rappoport
    Alexander Rappoport ...Tourist
  • Anastasia Kochetkova
    Anastasia Kochetkova ...girl with camera

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