• 113 min.
  • 2018
Golden Eagle Award
Golden Eagle Award

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General information

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  • Country
  • Genre
  • Film rating
  • Box office in Russia
    $26 065 491
  • Tagline
    "Spring is coming"
  • Synopsis
    Ever since she was little, Nadya believed in miracles. She was dreaming of her walking out on the ice to an ovation and dancing her most beautiful dance. And now, thanks to her faith and perseverance, Nadya becomes a famous figure skater. But when her dreams of glorious victories, beautiful life and Prince Charming are about to come true, fate gives her a tough test. And to pass it, she will need to believe in a dream again - as she did in childhood. After all, maybe the victory does not always have to be glorious, and Prince Charming does not necessarily ride a white horse?..


  • Director
    Oleg Trofim
  • Script
    Andrew Zolotarev, Oleg Malovichko
  • Cameraman
    Mikhail Milashin
  • Producers
    Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitriy Rudovskiy, Mikhail Vrubel, Alexander Andruchenko, Vyacheslav Murugov
  • Composer
    Anton Belyaev, Dmitry Selipanov
  • Art director
    Janna Pakhomova, Daria Zonova


  • Aglaya Tarasova
    Aglaya Tarasova ...Nadya Lapshina
  • Alexander Petrov
    Alexander Petrov ...Sasha
  • Milos Bikovich
    Milos Bikovich ...Leonov
  • Maria Aronova
    Maria Aronova ...Shatalina
  • Diana Enakaeva
    Diana Enakaeva ...Nadya in childhood
  • Kseniya Lavrova-Glinka
    Kseniya Lavrova-Glinka ...aunt
  • Yan Tsapnik
    Yan Tsapnik ...Seva
  • Ksenia Rappoport
    Ksenia Rappoport ...Nadya's mother
  • Irina Starshenbaum
    Irina Starshenbaum ...rival

Movie facts

  • The film entered the top ten most cash Russian feature films in history with a total box office of over 1.5 billion rubles.
  • During the preparation for the shootings, Aglaya Tarasova, Aleksandr Petrov and Milos Bikovich, who practically did not skate before, underwent intensive 2-month training in figure skating.

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  • "Ice is the movie about inspiration. It is a sports drama that focuses on the two elite level figure skaters. The actors spent a lot of time, both training on skates and practicing their vocals. Directed by Oleg Trofim, it is a critically acclaimed movie about passion, drama, falling down, getting up and achieving your dreams."

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