• 89 min.
  • 2017

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    The last hope of Russian cinema, producer and director Fyodor, wastes money on a music video for his “bros” from the 90s. Actor Sergei has had roles depicting everyone from Jesus Christ to a squirrel, but has now run out of roles, is depressed, and does not know how to live on. The number one TV presenter in the country, Ivan, jokes incessantly. Ivan's girlfriend does not understand why he makes her laugh at breakfast, in bed and even at a funeral. What doesn’t he understand? By pure chance, a poor foreigner falls into the thick of the lives of the rich and famous. It turns out that all our ideas about the life of stars are myths. In fact, everything is much worse than it seems. In trying to help the stars solve their problems, our hero falls in love with the mayor’s wife and decides to try anything to rescue her from Moscow’s Olympus.


  • Director
    Alexander Molochnikov
  • Script
    Alexander Molochnikov, Olga Henkina, Elena Vanina
  • Cameraman
    Levan Kapanadze
  • Producers
    Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitriy Rudovskiy, Ilya Stewart, Murad Osmann
  • Composer
    Igor Vdovin
  • Art director
    Sergey Choban, Yana Katrenko, Alexandra Feodosyeva
  • Editor
    Alexey Slepov


  • Paulina Andreeva
    Paulina Andreeva ...Maria, Mia
  • Yannis Popadopulos
    Yannis Popadopulos ...Grek
  • Fyodor Bondarchuk
    Fyodor Bondarchuk ...Producer
  • Sergey Bezrukov
    Sergey Bezrukov ...Serzh Denisevich
  • Иван Ургант
    Иван Ургант ...Шутник
  • Милош Бикович
    Милош Бикович ...Мэр
  • Ирина Розанова
    Ирина Розанова ...депутат Мишкина
  • Игорь Верник
    Игорь Верник ...Шоумен
  • Виктория Исакова
    Виктория Исакова ...жена Актера
  • Ксения Раппопорт
    Ксения Раппопорт ...Поэтесса
  • Вадим Верник
    Вадим Верник ...брат Шоумена
  • Павел Ворожцов
    Павел Ворожцов ...Петя, охранник Мишкиной

Movie facts

  • "Myths" is a full-length debut in the cinema of the young theater director Alexander Molochnikov, known for his performances at the Moscow Art Theater.

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