9th company

  • 139 min.
  • 2005
  • Gemini

About film

General information

  • Year
  • Country
  • Genre
    war drama
  • Film rating
  • Box office in Russia
    $25 555 809
  • Tagline
    "They want to be loved"
  • Synopsis
    The USSR, late 1980s. After several months of bootcamp, seven young recruits to the Soviet army are thrown into the slaughterhouse of the Afghan campaign. The troops receive an order from headquarters: seize an area and hold it at all costs, allowing a military convoy to pass through. Vastly outmatched, the reinforcements never arrive, and the valiant members of the 9th Company fall. Their leader is the sole survivor. Later he will find out that the war is over, and that their commanders simply forgot about the stranded group of soldiers, fighting for their life with their last strength…


  • Director
    Fedor Bondarchuk
  • Script
    Yuriy Korotkov
  • Cameraman
    Maxim Osadchiy
  • Producers
    Alexander Rodnyanskiy, Elena Yatsura, Dmitriy Rudovskiy, Fedor Bondarchuk
  • Composer
    Dato Evgenidze
  • Art director
    Gregory Pushkin, Ekaterina Zaletaeva


  • Artur Smolyaninov
    Artur Smolyaninov ...Lutyi
  • Alexey Chadov
    Alexey Chadov ...Vorobey
  • Ivan Kokorin
    Ivan Kokorin ...Chugun
  • Artem Mikhalkov
    Artem Mikhalkov ...Stas
  • Konstantine Krukov
    Konstantine Krukov ...Dzhokonda
  • Fedor Bondarchuk
    Fedor Bondarchuk ...Hohol
  • Михаил Пореченков
    Михаил Пореченков ...Dygalo
  • Ирина Рахманова
    Ирина Рахманова ...White Beauty
  • Алексей Серебряков
    Алексей Серебряков ...Captain

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