Love with challenges

  • 98 min.
  • 2017
  • Central Partnership

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General information

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  • Tagline
    «To expand or capabilities, sometimes they need to be limited…»
  • Synopsis
    One day, Misha, a completely average guy, hears about a new Russian law which states that corporations must hire people with disabilities to fill two percent of their workforce. A “bright” idea comes to him about how to realize his long-cherished dream of a rich and carefree life. Without hesitation, Misha finds fake medical documents, sits in a wheelchair and goes for an interview - not just anywhere, but in the large corporation, Nashgaz. By happy coincidence, Nashgaz needed one more person to fill their quota. Success! A prestigious job, a large salary, a cool car and only one catch: Misha must always be in a wheelchair...


  • Director
    Dmitry Turin
  • Script
    Denis Kaymakov
  • Cameraman
    Ruslan Gerasimenkov
  • Producers
    Fedor Bondarchuk, Dmitryi Rudovskyi, Timur Weinshtein
  • Composer
    Vadim Nekrasov
  • Art director
    Anna Lazareva, Elena Dronova


  • Pavel Priluchnyi
    Pavel Priluchnyi ...Misha
  • Anna Starshenbaum
    Anna Starshenbaum ...Marina
  • Alexey Vorobyev
    Alexey Vorobyev ...Ivan
  • Alexey Chadov
    Alexey Chadov ...Alexey

Movie facts

  • The law on employment of people with disabilities actually exists-the decree of the President of the Russian Federation that all large state corporations are obliged to employ at least 2% of people with disabilities.

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